Tyler Greene’s best podcasts in 2021.

“Sway” is a new interview show hosted by Kara Swisher, “Silicon Valley’s most feared and well-liked journalist.” Kara investigates power: who has it, who’s been denied it, and who dares to defy it. The podcast keeps power in check like nothing else going. Kara holds people’s feet to the fire who make significant moves in the world. This podcast is a must-listening for all who want to stay up to date with everything going on in the world. Every Monday and Thursday, from New York Times Opinion Audio.

Crimetown Presents is an investigative anthology podcast series. Every season Marc Smerling and Zac Stuart-Pontier introduce you to a new serialized story that pushes the boundaries of storytelling, sound design, and music. 

Season Two, The Ballad of Billy Balls*: takes place in 1982, where a man bursts into an East Village storefront apartment and shoots punk musician Billy Balls. Author and activist iO Tillett Wright and Crimetown Producer Austin Mitchell unravel a mystery of love and loss, the tender bonds of family, and the stories we tell ourselves just to survive. This is a story you do not want to miss out on.

Sam Sanders interviews people in the culture who deserve your attention. Plus weekly wraps of the news with other journalists. Join Sam as he makes sense of the world through conversation. This NPR produce show will leave you feeling smarter about the world around you. Subscribers of this podcast will have the knowledge and understanding of what is important in the world today.

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Justin Richards

Staff Writer

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