Podcast of the Week: Cautionary Tales with Tim Harford: “Catching a Killer Doctor”.

What happens when the scary stories parents tell their children to come to life?. Tim Harford takes listeners on an epic journey of awful human error, tragic catastrophes, daring heists, and hilarious fiascos. This Pushkin-produced podcast will delight you, scare you, but also make you wiser.

This narrative-based podcast leads listeners into the dark minds of some of the worst humans this world has ever seen. In the latest heart-wrenching episode, ‘Catching a Killer Doctor’, Harford teaches listeners about a family doctor named Harold Shipman, whose hundreds of crimes largely went unnoticed despite a vast paper trail of death certificates he himself had signed. 

In numerical terms, he was the worst serial killer in American history. Shipman alone killed more than 200. His victims would be people living alone. Elderly, but in perfectly fine health. Shipman would come around, inject them with an overdose of morphine, then sign a death certificate saying they had died of old age. 

The best-selling author gives excellent details regarding exactly what Shipman would do to the patients he treated, citing a time where Shipman hooked a man onto morphine and proceeded to watch as his life dissolve around him. 

The main question of all of the Harford podcast is why? Shipman never offered admission of guilt and eventually lived his final days in prison. Though there is no answer to the reasons for his murder, Harford pull a way the lessons that listeners can learn from the bone-chilling tales of this dangerous doctor. 

This podcast brings life to death with its detailed information, classic storytelling, and key melody noise to uplift Harford’s easy-going commentary. While the content is a gut-punching telling of traumatic events; the podcast is educates listeners on the tell-tale signs that could be the difference between life and death. 

The 24-episode series is jam-packed with epic tales which will leave listeners begging for more in the cruelest way possible. Cautionary Tales with Tim Harford can be found on all podcast platforms. Make sure to check out more podcasts news and notes at OPP News and subscribe to the OPP with Corey Cambridge podcast as well. 

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