Meet Erin and Erin, Podcasting’s coolest science super duo.


Erin Allman Updyke and Erin Welsh are bringing their mutual passion of medicine and disease science to the mainstream, through their hit podcast This Podcast Will Kill You.

On each episode of This Podcast Will Kill You, Erin and Erin tackle a different disease, from its history, to its biology, and finally, how scared you need to be!

Years before the COVID-19 pandemic became the new global normal, and Dr. Fauci became a household name, Erin and Erin have been providing information around the world’s most deadliest diseases.

Combining forces in 2017, the tandem first met while attending school at The University of Illinois. After spending an entire summer attending highly informative (but not highly fun) scientific conferences, The Erins thought podcasting would be an exciting way to deliver their love of disease science to the masses.

In our exclusive OPP interview with Corey Cambridge, Allman Updyke explains, “No one was making disease podcasts for the general public. There were a lot of medical-heavy podcasts about disease, but nothing geared toward a general audience and so we both thought, let’s make that!”

Though both are specialists in the field of medicine, it is no denying how much they love sharing their mutual affinity for disease science with the public.

Welsh states in our interview, “I love telling the story. I love playing a public health role even though I am no longer a public health professional, and I think I would be doing this even if no one listened.”

Allman Updyke explains further, “This is fun. Times are crazy right now and work life is stressful. Though this is work, it’s fun and that’s what makes it worth it for me.”

One thing rings true, the fun these two are having shines through in every single episode. This Podcast Will Kill You, won’t actually kill you. These two have mastered a way to deliver fun scientific audio that may in fact save your life.

– Corey Cambridge, Editor in Chief of OPP News

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