Let’s talk about families.

On this week’s edition of the OPP with Corey Cambridge podcast, Corey sits down with podcast great Tyler Greene to discuss the making of his new podcast This is My Family. Tyler is a storyteller, producer, and connector who thrives in chaotic and wildly creative environments. He has curated, edited, managed, launched, and hosted numerous audio projects and live podcast events for the likes of NPR and Buzzfeed. Tyler joined the podcast today in order to breakdown what it means to have a family today.

Let's talk about families

Tyler opens up about his personal life, growing up in the midwest to living in California in an interracial-gay marriage. While listeners might believe that Tyler lives in two different worlds, they actually have more in common than people think. Tyler internally compares both of his families, as many people do, as crazy; but, he later clarifies and says that the ideal of his own family is vibrant. Something that he would trade for anything.

Love is the centerpiece of most people’s lives. Like it or not that is how we are created. And I would really love to walk into a doctor’s office or a grocery store, and not feel the glances.

Tyler on being judged

Tyler later talks about how the idea of his podcast formed. Tyler credited his team with working with him to discover want exactly he wanted to talk about. Tyler has a background in theater and could have told his story in several different mediums. But he chooses to do it via podcast because of the accessibility it has to everyone in the world. Tyler has crafted stories for those who truly value what it means to be apart of a family, whatever role that may be for however long it may be for.

If somebody chooses not to have a child, I would love society to not pressure them to feel like they are not enough, because they are, and they have made that choice. I would like people to understand and listen how people are made through their families.

Tyler on having respect for others

This episode will leave you wanting to hold your loved ones so tight you will (metaphorically) never want to let go. If this pandemic has taught this world one thing is that there is no price tag on the lives of family members, and Tyler taps into the heartstrings of everyone looking to find that connection. While Tyler traveled far and wide to locate his current family, everything he needs to loved them was just inside of his heart, and that is a story that everyone can enjoy and relate to. Make sure to subscribe to the OPP with Corey Cambridge podcast and follow all podcast news right here at OPP News.

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