Host Ari Cagan sits down with Corey Cambridge on the latest Opp with Corey Cambridge podcast to talk about all the things you don’t need to know.

Cagan is the host of the Things You Don’t Need to Know with Ari Caga‪n‬ podcast which dives into every question a fan didn’t know they wanted to be answered. From Defusing a bomb, landing an airplane, performing open-heart surgery… very few people in the world need instructions on topics like these. Luckily Ari Cagan is here to talk to the few experts in these fields and then teach you everything you’ll never need to know.

Cagan spoke about the unusual upbringing that lead him on this path. The 20-year-old dropped out of school after the 8th grade because he knew what exactly he wanted to do. Now he has several creative outlets in order to express himself to an audience. For someone who is so young, Cagan has a great self-understanding of what people would want to listen to on a daily basis.

At the start of the podcast, Cagan and Cambridge go back and forth about their love of New York and how the city differs between the two. While there is more than a decade that separates the two it could be miles long. Growing up with broadband internet already in homes completely changed the way these two experienced the city.

This is an interesting listen just because of how different these two are in real life. While their styles may clash it creates this magical listen for fans of the show. Cagan shows the way of the future for anyone who is looking to create a different form of content.

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Justin Richards

Staff Writer

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