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‘Hotboxin’ with Mike Tyson’s Top 5 Classic Episodes

If you are someone who hasn’t kept up with Mike Tyson to this point in his life, have mixed feelings about things he has done or said in the past, or even if you are a person who loves thought-provoking conversations with influential people, but have no idea who Mike Tyson is–do yourself a favor and listen to the Hotboxin’ With Mike Tyson podcast.
Mike Tyson, in his post-boxing career, especially this past decade, has become sort of an informal philosopher, and it is on full display in this show. Tyson and co-host, Eban Britton, interview absolute titans of culture in a studio filled with marijuana smoke. It’s a simple enough concept for a podcast, but it is executed phenomenally. There doesn’t seem to be an exact formula for how the interview is conducted. Typically, Eban initiates the conversation and has a special talent for asking the types of questions that require thoughtful responses from a guest. As for his co-host, behind the boxer’s bad-boy image, Tyson is cultured, well-read, and incredibly charismatic. He can effortlessly engage with his guests on a broad spectrum of topics.
Hotboxin’ With Mike Tyson is also, and maybe more importantly, a podcast about personal growth. As he said in his interview with R&B artist, Al B. Sure!, “If you’re not growing, you’re dying.” It’s clear this podcast is therapeutic for him. There is no shying away from the past, blemishes and all. He shares intimate details about his upbringing, his career as a fighter, and his role as a family man–sometimes in cringe-worthy detail. No matter how inspiring or difficult one of Mike Tyson’s stories may be to hear, they are all built on a foundation of sincerity. It is hard to get more compelling than that.
Check out our top 5 classic episodes of Hotboxin’ below.

Horace Gregory Jr. – Contributing Writer for OPP.News

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