Michael Kushner, host of Dear Multi-hyphenate created the perfect podcast to listen to for creatives who struggle with being creative. 

Michael Kushner is one of New York’s leading “multi-hyphenates”. For those not up to speed on the term allow me to fill you in. A multi-hyphenate is a person who has multiple proficiencies, often cross-pollinating into each other to help flourish professional capabilities, and Michael is just that. 

As a creative in New York City Michael is an actor, photographer, producer, and writer who sees no limit to his creativity. Like so many other creatives he initially struggled with limiting his creative passions to one thing, leading him to create the hit podcast, Dear Multi-hyphenate

Dear Multi-hyphenate, a show under the Broadway Podcast Network, is a podcast that explores the full potential of an artist in show business.

For people who are sitting on a project but don’t know how to get started or feel creatively stifled, listeners from around the world tune in to hear Michael and his guests talk about letting go of the “rules” and taking agency over your full creative potential. 

In our exclusive interview with Michael on OPP with Corey Cambridge when asked about how having different creative career outlets during the COVID-19  pandemic has helped him he explains,

“I’ve sort of been always doing these things. I just asked what my boundaries are and how I can create them. I’m just at my computer right now and that’s my theatre and my creative space. I can’t do certain things outside of my studio so I say how am I going to tackle that right here behind my computer. It’s about understanding your boundaries and that shift. Taking your purpose for what you do and just pivoting it into more specific experiences.” 

Being creative is hard and presents a world of challenges and self-doubt. Michael Kushner and his podcast Dear-Multi-hyphenate is the podcast to listen to as an audio reminder that you’re not alone in your creative quest and Michael is more than willing to guide you through your journey one episode at a time. 

Pod Bless,

Corey Cambridge

Editor-in-Chief of OPP.NEWS

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