The Episode of the Week goes to Fat Mascara with their exclusive interview with Hollywood star Jessica Alba.

Hosts (and friends) Jessica Matlin and Jennifer Goldstein bring you the big, juicy, world of beauty on their award-winning weekly podcast. With day jobs as beauty editors, Jess & Jenn are plugged in to the industry’s latest news and share their inside access along with candid stories of their beauty adventures, from celebrity interviews, freaky new facials, to miracle products and epic beauty fails.

The ladies bring in Jessica Alba on the show for a roundtable discussion about beauty and makeup. Alba currently runs her own make-up company she co-founded in 2012 called “Honest” (later called Honest Beauty) and her passion for the clean beauty movement. 

The concept of “clean” beauty has existed since the early 70s, fast-forwarding to the early 2000s and the word took on new meaning with the launch of skin-care lines such as the British brand Ren. Since then the word has taken on a whole different meaning to whoever is asked the question. Alba explains what her make-up line represents when they advertise their “clean” makeup. 

“Clean was the evolution of a very complex idea. People think organic or natural is going to be the best option for you, (when) actually not really, there’s a lot of things that are out in nature that you don’t want to be exposed to………we invested in scientists who can source the raw material which helped me figure out that I can truly stand by the values that we set out.” 

The 39-year-old Pomona, California native was immersed in the beauty world from early on as she signed on with a make-up company at the start of her acting career. She speaks on how that early experience helped guide her in the business of beauty. 

“I learned a lot about marketing, and along with learning marketing demographics, and psychographics after shooting different movies in different territories, you know the way you appeal to this audience vs. that audience.” 

Alba shares a bit more about her time growing up in the acting business, explaining that she really didn’t have a lot of “Hollywood” friends because she used her job as an escape. To her becoming an entrepreneur wasn’t anything special so she didn’t need to ask anyone else for their opinion. 

“I didn’t have a lot of friends in the Hollywood business, I wasn’t the actress that came to Hollywood and was like ‘Oh My God I’m amazing, I should be a star’ you know? I came to Hollywood because I wanted to be anyone else. For me (being an entrepreneur) was a natural evolution of being myself.” 

This star-studded podcast features guests who are deep into the culture that is beautiful. Both Jessica and Jennifer place a natural glow on their show to make it stand out on the podcast runway. Make sure to check out more from their podcast Fat Mascara, and stay locked into all the podcast news and notes right here on OPP News.

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