Remy Kassimir has quickly become one of comedy’s rising stars and after one listen to her podcast How Cum? you’ll quickly realize why.

Fans of the hit Netflix docu-series Explained may recognize Remy from her guest appearance on the episode about “The Female Orgasm”. 

Debuting in 2017, Remy had NEVER achieved an orgasm, so she started this podcast to figure it out (Spoiler Alert…MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!). How Cum? is now in its third season and has helped over 400 + “Companions” have their first “O”. 

In our exclusive interview on OPP with Corey Cambridge, Remy speaks on the phenomenon of podcasters being thought of as experts with regard to the subject matter of their podcast. 

While she loves interacting and answering orgasm-related questions of her listeners, Remy explains that she is not a licensed sex therapist. As she puts it she’s a person who, “Tells dick jokes on stage at night.”

When asked why she podcasts Remy says, “I (honestly) wanted to end it after I came.” 

She goes on to explain that she was inspired to keep the show going because of the positive response of the fans of the show. There was a sense of responsibility to be available for the fans of How Cum? who haven’t been able to reach an orgasm or who just find the podcast to be extremely entertaining.

This was a very refreshing interview for a number of reasons. The topic of conversion was enlightening, to say the least. Remy clearly has a very solid sense of self and isn’t drunk off a great deal of attention she has earned from the show’s success. 

How Cum? is primarily geared towards women but is packed with so much humor and compelling storytelling that anyone can enjoy it. 

With amazing guest appearances from celebrities, scientists, and porn stars How Cum? will make you realize that we still have a lot to learn about sex, but it’s truly okay to have a good laugh about it!  

Pod Bless,

Horace Gregory Flannigan, Jr

Staff Writer for OPP.NEWS

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