Kwame Christian will Negotiate Anything.

The host of Negotiate Anything is no stranger to negotiation. Along with being a best-selling author, attorney, and public speaker, Kwame is the director of the American Negotiation Institute, an organization that empowers professionals to negotiate anything and find confidence in conflict. 

As host of America’s number one negotiation podcast Negotiate Anything, Kwame takes his audience of listeners on a journey through the art of science of negotiation and persuasion. With over 2 million downloads and a listenership that spans over 180 countries around the world, Kwame is climbing up the podcast charts and growing fans with every episode. 

In our interview with Kwame on OPP with Corey Cambridge when asked about how to step into a negotiation Kwame states,

 “You always need to come in with a goal. Even if it’s a situation where you don’t know enough to come up with a concrete goal then your goal in the conversation changes to get more information in this first stage of the negotiation. Then come back, think about it by yourself then come back in the second stage of negotiation with another offer. But you have to have clarity” 

Negotiate Anything has a very empowering message packed into each episode. Mr. Christian has a masterful way of educating his audience with the world’s best negotiation tactics, yet always keeping the material digestible for the general audience. 

On every episode, Kwame gives out the codes to professional and personal success in these neatly packaged metaphors that I’ve admittedly never heard before but will be heavily featured in my vernacular from here-on-out. 

He couldn’t have done a better job at making it clear what his podcast aims to accomplish, and why anybody who listens to it can find it useful to serve all aspects of their life. Negotiate Anything has that fun niche feel that podcast listeners love about their favorite podcast, but it is truly a podcast for all. Do yourselves a favor and give “Negotiate Anything” a listen before your next big contract or salary negotiation. 

Pod Bless,

Horace Gregory Flannigan, Jr

Staff Writer OPP.NEWS

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