Looking for a technology podcast to listen to? No worries, because Jason Feifer’s “Build for Tomorrow” will leave you more than satisfied. 

Everybody loves new technology right? Who doesn’t like the automobile, the walkman, or the umbrella? On Build for Tomorrow, host Jason Feifer reminds us that not all technology we love today were welcomed with open arms upon its debut. 


This brilliant technology show is about the unexpected things that shaped us, and how we can shape the future. Each episode is low key, funny as hell and shares stories about the things that people once feared. 


By day Mr. Feifer is the Editor in Chief on Entrepreneur Magazine so he is no stranger to crafting a brilliant story. 


In our interview with Jason on OPP with Corey Cambridge he talks about getting his first few episodes started, “I decided to start with an episode of the walkman because it came out in 1982 in and I would have people to interview.”


He continues, “I didn’t want to do a show with me talking for 30 minutes. I wanted to make a recorded, reported, well conceived produced show, a Gimlet style show.”


Without a doubt Jason hit his mark. Build for Tomorrow is brilliantly researched and masterfully edited. Each episode is uptempo in rhythm and keeps the listener engaged from the minute you hit play and when the episode is over you’ll be eager to hit the next episode. 


What you’ll learn from this show is the myths we keep telling ourselves over and over again (like how new tech is harming us!) but with every listen you’ll walk away with lessons that can help turn fear and uncertainty into a path of opportunity! 


Want something fun you can listen to in the car with your kids on that long road trip? Do yourself a favor and subscribe to Build For Tomorrow now. You (and the kids) won’t be disappointed.


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Pod Bless, 


Corey Cambridge


Editor in Chief of OPP.NEWS

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