Jack Rysider has the best podcast to listen to.

The host of the Darknet Diaries podcast joins Corey Cambridge on the latest episode of OPP with Corey Cambridge where he details the true stories of the dark side of the Internet.

Rysider is a veteran of the security world. He gained his professional knowledge of security by working in a Security Operations Center for a Fortune 500 company, a place where threats are detected and stopped. During that time he was exposed to hundreds of client’s networks ranging from schools to government, to banks, and commercial organizations. 

On the podcast, Rysider spoke to Corey about the details of cleaning up your Internet system. Families place kids and loved ones online without really understanding the dangers that come from having some information on the web.  

The biggest thing is to update your software, your phone, your operation systems, you want that on the latest systems because hackers are going to be exploiting things that are going to be known. The next thing is to have complex passwords, you don’t want to use the same passwords on every site.

There are people who aren’t just using the internet for their personal use, but also their professional lives as well. It gets a bit more complex when dealing with hackers for small to large companies.

Have something on each person’s machines that are protecting them from anything. And on your public-facing servers, you want to make sure you have proper practices going on there, and you’re not having your developer put glaring holes and making mistakes where a hacker could easily get in there

The Internet is a complex place, filled with trapdoors and dark content, so it is important for people to stay visual as to what they post online and the sites on which they click on. Rysider spoke in-depth regarding the changing world of parenting with the internet. It is all too easy to have children find trouble online that has real-world consequences. Parents need to stay alert as to what their kids are doing, according to Rysider, by checking their recent search history as often as they can. As tough as it might seem, it can save them from serious trouble in the future.

As scary as some might feel this podcast can be, Rhysider excels at leading listeners through the tough and harsh realities of what’s online. This podcast is one that will leave listeners smarter and more equipped to battle any issues they may find when dealing with online trouble. Make sure to subscribe to Darknet Diaries and check out more episodes of OPP with Corey Cambridge. Stay locked into OPP News for all the latest in podcast news and notes

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