'How I F*ck' teaches us that we still have a lot to learn about sex


Welcome back Pod squad to another edition of OPP News. Make sure to subscribe to OPP News for the latest in the podcast world. On this week’s podcast, Corey Cambridge chops it up with fellow host and producer Natalie Rivera about her sex positive podcast How I F*ck. On her podcast Rivera sits down with several guests to discuss their experiences with sex.

Rivera started her career in video production and spoke to Corey about how that helped her create the How I F*ck podcast.

“It’s really just meant that I had to be a jack of all trades and just having to be just two steps ahead. And that definitely has help with hosting because I realized I need to have the pronunciations of everyone’s name right. It’s definitely helped me out in a way that I couldn’t foresee.”

How I F*ck dives into the what sex is like for everyone. Rivera speaks with a wide range of individuals from sex workers and sugar babies, to those with disabilities like autism and cerebral palsy. 

Her narrative style of storytelling allows for her guests to truly express themselves in an otherwise uncomfortable situation. Later in the podcast Rivera spoke about the impact that the guests have had on her. 


“I grew up in a Catholic house with a very strict mother…..I think I had this idea of what sex workers was like or what a dominatrix was and we interviewed a dominatrixes and her story was so amazing. And when you think about the BDS community that are very dedicated to consent, they could teach us all something about consent.”


The two host banter back and forth about the reason why they decided to get into the game known as podcasting. Rivera speaks about how she has a different approach when she’s hosting a podcast as opposed to the producing one. Calling her podcast her “baby” and how she is hands on with her own work.

This podcast is a must listen for anyone who has wanting to explore the world of sex through the eyes of those who live in the shadows. Rivera allows her guests to become fully engaged with the audience as they tell their stories regarding their relationship with sexual pleasure. Make sure to subscribe to OPP with Corey Cambridge and leave a five star rating while your there. Also be sure to click here to check out more our episodes.

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