Making Gay History and it’s host Eric Marcus are bringing the contributions of the LGBTQ community to the forefront.

Established in 2016, Making Gay History is a podcast that gives intimate and personal portraits of both known and long-forgotten champions, heroes, and witnesses to LGBTQ history brought to you from the rare archival interviews. 

Host Eric Marcus is a media and journalism veteran who has worked at some of the top news organizations in the world like CBS NEWS and ABC NEWS. 

In our exclusive interview on OPP with Corey Cambridge Eric reflected on his experience being gay at the start of his career in the news. 

“I was the only openly gay person at CBS NEWS in the newsroom in 1988 for the morning news. I didn’t want to be the first person but I was. I was one of two openly gay people in my class at the graduate school of journalism at Columbia University in 1984. Both my friend Stuart and I couldn’t believe that we were it. But what became clear to me was that there were doors that were closed to me because of who I was. I was interested in running for elected office in New York City, there was nobody who was out when I was first thinking about that.” 

Being gay may have been a barrier for Eric in his early career, but through Making Gay History he is breaking down barriers and giving his listeners an opportunity to learn about people who helped pave the way for the LGBTQ community we know today. 

Listeners of Making Gay History should expect to hear heartfelt and empowering stories. Eric’s experience in journalism is evident and with every interview, you feel like a fly on the wall as he sits down with his subject. 

This amazing show brings to light the resilience and strength of the LGBTQ community and how they have shaped our world to make it a better place for all, no matter your sexual orientation. 

Pod Bless

Corey Cambridge 

Editor in Chief of OPP.NEWS

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