Greg Young, of The Bowery Boys, is no ordinary host and his podcast reminds us why New York City is a place like no other.

With nearly 15 years of podcasting under their belt, and over 300 episodes available Greg Young and co-host Tom Meyers can appropriately be referred to as OG’s in the podcast game. 

The Bowery Boys podcast is the premier podcast for New York City history. Want to learn about the origins of the New York City subway or how Central Park came to be? From the huddled masses on Ellis Island to the sleazy theatres of 1970s Time Square The Bowery Boys will guide you through the history of one of the world’s greatest cities. 

In our exclusive interview with Greg on OPP with Corey Cambridge when asked about his favorite episode of The Bowery Boys. Greg briefly states, 

 “I did a show on the Cotton Club, and the reason I like it is because of all the music that I got to use, having asked permission for. I felt fearless…” 

A native of Missouri, Greg moved to New York City shortly after college. In our interview, he rehashes how that impacted the early episodes of the show,

“That was the novelty when we first started the show many many years ago. We represented a particular New York type, which was the person who came to New York. Sort of like a domestic immigrant.” 

The Bowery Boys podcast is brilliant in its storytelling and the chemistry between Greg and Tom is undeniable. Each episode will make the listener fall in love not only with them as hosts but fall in love with one of the most iconic cities on the planet. 

Feeling nostalgic about New York City (like I am) or getting excited to make the move to “The Big Apple”?

This podcast will remind you that New York is as old as the story of America and that no matter where you are on the globe there’s a little New York City in us all. 

Pod Bless,

Horace Gregory Flannigan, Jr.

Staff Writer OPP.NEWS 

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