EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Veronica Dagher host of the WSJ’s ‘Secrets of Wealthy Women’

WSJ's 'Secrets of Wealthy Women' host Veronica Dagher opens up about her journey and secrets to her success.


OPP News Editor in Chief, Corey Cambridge sits down with the host of WSJ’s Secrets of Wealthy Women, Veronica Dagher. If you are already a fan of Veronica’s show, you will appreciate the flip in orientation to hearing from Veronica as the interviewee. She opens up with Corey in intimate, personal detail about events in her life that have driven her to achieve personal and professional success. She also shares her top 3 favorite podcasts, her personal and professional heroes, and a few highlights about her recent interview with celebrity cook, Ayesha Curry.

For those less familiar with Veronica Dagher and her podcast WSJ: Secrets of Wealthy Women, you will walk away from this interview knowing she is someone who should be paid attention to. Guests on WSJ’s Secrets of Wealthy Women are tycoon level in their respective industries. Veronica mentions in the interview that given the spectrum between “successful” versus “mega-successful”–she tends to seek interviews with the “mega-successful”. Simply put, listening to WSJ: Secrets of Wealthy Women can benefit anyone looking to realize their potential success and can garner you respect from friends and family. OPP’s interview with Veronica Dagher is a great way to introduce yourself and others to her amazing podcast and the tycoon level tips to success.

Horace Gregory Jr. – Contributing Writer for OPP News

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