The former first lady has a lot to say and we should all be listening.

Today Michelle Obama made her highly anticipated podcast debut with the release of ‘The Michelle Obama Podcast’ exclusively available on streaming giant Spotify. The forty-nine minute inaugural episode features her alongside special guest and former United States President, Barack Obama.

Though I’m sure listeners were internally begging that inside of this episode she’d announce running alongside Joe Biden for the 2020 election, (I know, wishingful thinking) this episode was filled with heartwarming stories and inspiring tidbits from the former first couple.

In an intimate conversation the two open up on a range of topics from their humble upbringings, issues of race, parenthood and the cynical mindset from young people around U.S. politics.

She states in the episode “Part of what I want listeners to walk away with from this conversation is not that we have the answers, but these types of conversations need to happen around our dinner tables and our smaller communities.”

She continues, “As young people listen to this and they are starting to start their path I would really encourage them strongly to think about building lives that are selfless. Not because it’s the right thing to do, but truly because it’s the right way to live. It’s more fun.”

Are you going to learn anything new about America’s favorite couple that you didn’t know before in this first episode? No. Do The Obamas go in depth on any issues of politics or even mention the name of our current President? No.

What Michelle and Barack do accomplish in this episode however is delivering a positive and inspiring message to a nation that so badly needs hope.

One thing is for sure, we here at OPP News are delighted to consume Mrs. Obama’s daily dose of weekly hope and inspiration. 

Corey Cambridge, Editor in Chief of OPP News

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