The story of Captain Edward Dwight, the candidate to be the first African-American in Space


Today’s episode of the day is ‘The Ballad of Captain Dwight’ a classic episode of The Memory Palace podcast. This amazing show is filled with short, surprising stories of the past, sometimes heartbreaking, sometimes hysterical and often a little bit of both.

The show’s host, Nate Dimeo, narrates sound bites from an interview with Captain Edward Dwight where he chronicles his life story. It is quite the life story to say the least. He goes from being a Middle American youth curious about aviation, to the candidate to be the first African-American in Space, eventually leading to a successful career in the world of visual art. Captain Dwight has had a truly compelling journey that will certainly leave listeners filled with inspiration.

If you’re a first time listener of The Memory Palace podcast you are in for a treat. This episode in particular displays Nate Dimeo’s masterful skill as a storyteller. His use of metaphors is the type of material that’ll have listeners rewinding his words while grunting, “Bars!”

Captain Dwight’s life story is about as captivating a story as anyone will ever hear. Enhanced by Nate Dimeo’s narration, this episode shines a bright light on how engaging of a storyteller he is. He manages to fit, what feels like, an encyclopedia article-worth of information into a guilt-free 18 minute episode; perfect for those who enjoy listening to specific episodes of a show more than once.

The one thing that is clearly apparent is that great care was taken with regard to the editing and production of the show. The way they are able to combine Captain Dwight’s telling of his story with Nate Dimeo’s asides is mixed exquisitely. The entire production is woven together neatly with a well balanced score. Music in podcasting can be easily overlooked, but there’s no ignoring it in “The Ballad of Captain Dwight”. They showcase a quality melody that is able to give the show pace while capturing the tone of the story.

Bravo Mr. Dimeo. 

Horace Gregory Flannigan Jr., Writing Contributor for OPP News.

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