Hosted by Robert Prince, Dark Winter Nights: True Stories from Alaska is a podcast designed for folks who love the wilderness, who want to laugh, and want to hear spectacular tales from America’s coldest and most isolated state. 

Each episode is a live storytelling event, in which Alaskans share their amazing tales about living in the great state of Alaska. 

Host Robert Prince started Dark Winter Nights: True Stories From Alaska back in the Spring of 2014 because he grew frustrated with how Alaska was being depicted in reality TV programs and his feeling that Alaskans should be sharing their own stories to the world instead of other people doing it for them. 

In our exclusive interview on OPP with Corey Cambridge when asked about the misconceptions he believes many Americans have about Alaskans he states,

“A lot of people think we are not modernized. We have the internet and we have a movie theatre.”

Though Alaska is known for its breathtaking views and sprawling natural scenery Robert was quick to remind us about the dangers of living in Alaska. 

“We are sharing some of the dramatic stuff about getting chased by bears and near death experiences but all of us whether we wanted to or not have had some real death experiences up here.”  

When not hosting Dark Winter Nights Robert teaches documentary filmmaking in the University of Alaska Fairbanks Journalism Department. He is no stranger to telling a compelling story and on this amazing podcast, he does a spectacular job getting those stories out of his native Alaskans. 

Looking to travel up to Alaska any time soon? If so be sure to check out this polar podcast classic to hear warm, funny, and sometimes scary stories about America’s coldest state and the amazing (and brave) people who live there. 

Pod Bless,

Corey Cambridge

Editor in Chief of OPP.NEWS

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