Bimma Williams talks sneakers with Corey Cambridge on the latest episode of the OPP with Corey Cambridge podcast.

Williams is the host of the Claima Stories with Bimma podcast where he speaks with leading and emerging creatives of color about how they were able to break into the notoriously guarded creative and sneaker industries.

During his appearance on the podcast, Williams talks about his upbringing in the sneaker game and how he had to look outside himself in order to make the come-up. Williams and Cambridge dive deep into what it is like to grow in the sneaker game who isn’t a white cis-gender male.

Williams is a Louisiana native is a 10-year industry veteran who works in Global Entertainment Marketing for Nike and has also held positions at Adidas and Saucony. Williams is a pioneer in the sneaker game and his podcast speaks to a new generation who is looking to break the barriers that exist in their lives.

“Due to systemic racism, Black and Brown youth do not grow up with early exposure to career opportunities at top sneaker brands. Therefore, they are unaware of how to take their passion for collecting sneakers to creating the next classics”

There is nothing like finding the inspiration to do what you love at an early age in life. Learn that his doodles in elementary school can be flipped into actual sneaker designed changed Williams whole outlook of his life. Working hard to break down barriers of race in the sneaker game allows Williams to have perspective on what younger designers go through as they make their way in the game.

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