NPR’s Ask Me Another host Ophira Eisenberg is one of podcasting’s comedy queens and is leaving a serious mark on the podcasting landscape.

On Ask Me Another each episode is recorded in front of a live audience and features four to five original games based on particular puzzles, topics, wordplay, and trivia. Along with musician and fellow host Jonathan Coulton, Ophira takes brilliant contestants on a roller coaster that’ll make you laugh and scream (out the answers of course!)

Though she reigns as one of podcasting queens of comedy today her journey started in her native Canada. 

As a guest on OPP with Corey Cambridge, she reflects on her early career in comedy in Vancouver stating, “It was hard for me to realize that I could be a comic, but it was itching in the back of my brain. I didn’t know how to realize it and it seems super scary. I didn’t know anyone who was doing it.”

With her interview with Corey, she reflected on her very first show, “It was the most incredible feeling of my entire life. Chemicals and endorphins were spiking all over the place. I wanted to do it more, but I was scared.”

Soon though Ophira conquered her fears of the big stage and started making a name for herself, garnering a loyal following in Vancouver leading her to move to Toronto. Soon after she moved to New York City. 

On getting her start in New York City she states, “You may say you don’t like my show. You may say I’m not funny but the one thing that no one can ever refute is that I am a tirelessly hard worker.”

She later added, “I went to all the places and every little comedy room I could find. Just trying to work on my set and make connections. It was just all-consuming.” 

Ophira’s rise and the success of Ask Me Another is a testament to her will to succeed and her commitment to making her audience laugh. At a time when we could use a joke or two Ask Me Another is a podcast that surely will never disappoint. 

Be sure to check out her latest episodes with guests like Eddie Huang, Jesse Tyler Ferguson, and many others wherever you listen to podcasts! 

Pod Bless,

Corey Cambridge 

Editor in Chief of OPP.NEWS

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