Food podcasts are rapidly growing in popularity and Asian food podcasts are leading the charge in this expanding genre. We here at OPP.NEWS created a list of the best Asian Food Podcasts that we think you’ll enjoy!

1. Eat Drink Asian

Avg Episode Length (18-25 min)

Presented by The South China Morning Post, Eat Drink Asian will capture your attention as soon as you press play. This Award-winning podcast explores the lost history of Asian cuisine that has taken over the global food landscape. Be ready to take an instant deep dive into Asia’s most popular foods as The South China Morning Post journalists perform investigative interviews with chefs, restaurateurs, and culinary experts to uncover Asia’s rich food history. This podcast is well-produced and you don’t need to be a food geek to find this show entertaining. Listen on Apple and Spotify.

2. Feast Meets West

Average Episode Length (40-50 min)

Hosted by Lynda Liu Feast Meets West is an audio celebration of Asian culture through the lens of food. Lynda is a sensational host that instantly gets her guests to open up. Presented by Heritage Food Network, Feast Meets West hits the mark on sharing the history of iconic dishes and underrepresented foods, all while highlighting the passionate individuals in the world of Asian cuisine. Listen on Apple and Spotify.

3. With Warm Welcome

Average Episode Length (45-60 min)

For starters, I am a big fan of the title of this podcast. Just needed to get that off my chest. Hosted by Korean-American host and producer Arnold Byun welcomes Asian American restaurateurs, chefs, founders, and tastemakers to have deep conversations about all things in the Asian culinary world. Let me leave you with this. This podcast sounds extremely intimate, warm, and soothing. Great overall listen.

4. Exploring Filipino Kitchens

Average Episode Length (45-60 min)

Hosted by Nastasha Alli takes listeners on a fascinating journey through the history of Philippine food, history, traditions, and culture.  In each episode Nastasha interviews chefs, cooks, authors, academics, farmers, and agriculturists to learn the current state of the Filipino food scene. Exploring Filipino Kitchens is a great podcast for folks who want to learn more about the beauty of Filipino culture and how its food plays a vital role.

5. Southern Fried Asian

Average Episode Length (45-60 min)

As a lover of Southern food, this podcast really caught my eye, magic in my ears and a temptation to my stomach. Hosted by Keith Chow South Fried Asian brings a different perspective to the food podcast landscape by focusing on what it means to be Asian American in the American South. This podcast does an amazing job of showcasing how the Asian community is not a monolith by interviewing Asian Americans who grew up in The South and how food played a role in their lives.

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