Amy Devers and her podcast Clever shows us the human stories behind the art and designs we see everyday.Amy Devers talks design work on the latest episode of the OPP Podcast with Corey Cambridge.

Clever is a podcast about design. Well, actually, it’s about designers, too. Host Amy Devers talks with visionaries, problem-solvers, critical thinkers, and rebels, about what goes into their design work. As much as this podcast is about designs, it’s really about people. Devers speaks with Cambridge about how she even started working in her space.

Devers moved out to California living in a one-bedroom apartment with three other roommates. What drew her to the idea of furniture was her constant obsession with adjusting her home. She explains…

“We had the basics covered but what we didn’t have was space. In a circular way I kept just thinking but what if this futon had storage or if what is this bed was a Murphy bed? I just kept redesigning the space so that it would work for us and so we weren’t on top of each other.”

Devers describes herself as a storyteller, explorer and champion of creativity. Curiosity and empathy are her tools of choice, and listening intently. Dever and Cambridge speak a great deal about the amount of work it takes to get to the places that they are in life.

: TV personality Amy Devers

This episode is a window into two creatives souls. Devers opens up to Cambridge in a way that is beautiful to listen to. Both express the joy they feel for growing in their space and thriving in their lives. This episode is something really special for those who fancy themselves as creative.

Devers is armed with both formal education and practical hands-on experience. She holds an MFA in Furniture Design from the Rhode Island School of Design, has done a major stint as a chief prototype fabricator and machine shop foreman, and has spent years as an independent designer/builder of furniture, art, and interiors. A fine artist as well as a designer, she has exhibited internationally in galleries and museums. 

She has been seen constructing her original furniture designs on DIY’s Freeform Furniture, building a viewer-spec’d log cabin on DIY’s Blog Cabin, carpenter-ing outrageous makeovers on TLC’s hit Trading Spaces, and traveling the globe profiling the world’s leading designers and architects on Ovation’s Designer People.

Amy’s natural love for furniture and for design in general comes out in every episode of Clever. Every time you press play listeners should expect to hear not only about the nuts and bolts of design but the passion and meaning that goes into it. 

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Justin Richards

Staff Writer

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