Looking to move to Hollywood? Alan and Joey have the best podcast to listen to for anyone who has a love for Tinseltown!

Alan Nevins and Joey Santos are “Two Guys from Hollywood” but by the end of every episode, you always learn that these two best friends are so much more. 

Joey is a native New Yorker who moved to California at a young age. Though he moved to Los Angeles to originally pursue a career in acting he’s become one of Los Angeles’s top restaurateurs and personal chefs. Currently, for the past four years, he has been working as the private chef for Brad Pitt. 

Alan, a native of Los Angeles, is a superstar literary and talent agent who has represented notable names like Cher, Rickey Smiley, Joan Collins, among others.  

With over 30 years of friendship under their belt, the two grew up in Hollywood observing not just the entertainment industry but all the people who flock there. These two professionals have worked within the elite circles of some of the biggest stars and wealthiest people for decades while attending parties, dinners, and traveling with their clients. 

Debuting in January of 2021 under The Dan Patrick Network they’ve interviewed Hollywood elites like Janice Dickenson, Suzanne De Passe, and many others. 

In our exclusive interview on OPP with Corey Cambridge, when asked “What quality should every person bring to Los Angeles upon moving?”, Joey responds,

“The requirement for Hollywood is pretty simple and it’s based on one thing. Preparedness. People have a dream of what Hollywood stands for, but preparedness is what it was built on. Real talent and real preparedness.”

He later adds “People want to be an actor and think they can just show up in front of a camera and that’s not how it works. They don’t know who the writers are, who the directors are, they’re not prepared in any way. They wonder why they fizzle out and it’s because longevity comes from preparedness.” 

Two Guys from Hollywood is an audio glimpse into the world of Tinseltown with Joey and Alan being your best friends and ultimate tour guides. From their conversations with their talented friends, you’ll laugh (a lot) but you’ll also learn what makes Hollywood such a special place. Make sure to check out more from the duo on their own podcast.

Pod Bless,

Corey Cambridge

Editor in Chief of OPP.NEWS

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