ItsTheReal are a comedy duo and hosts of the incredible music podcast A Waste of Time

Brothers Eric and Jeff Rosenthal take hosting to the next level as they conduct some of hip hop’s biggest interviews for their podcast in their very own Upper West Side apartment. 

The “A Waste of Time” podcast is anything but what the title might suggest. The guests are absolute titans in the hip-hop music industry. Names like Rick Ro$$, (the late) Mac Miller, and hip-hop music’s resident most interesting and mysterious figure MAL; have graced the living space of ItsTheReal.

In an interview with OPP with Corey Cambridge, ItsTheReal gives insight about the early days of the A Waste of Time podcast. The duo talked about how and why they chose the Upper West Side to live, and some of the steps they took to become a destination of hip-hop legends.

ItsTheReal gives some very sound advice for aspiring and/or up-and-coming podcasters who are looking to join a network or gain sponsors for their show. Jeff(or Eric) says, “Do your own lane so people can’t deny you. Build that audience so that any sponsor would want to be a part of your podcast.”

The guys used to cook an entire meal for their guests. They decided to end that portion of the show because it was causing more logistical issues than adding to the allure of the show. For example, conducting interviews in a kitchen after preparing a meal was putting their guests in a literal ‘hot seat’.

The “A Waste of Time” podcast is clearly geared toward the avid hip-hop fan. The show’s broader appeal lives with its magnetic hosts ItsTheReal. Eric and Jeff have an extremely special talent in humanizing and naturally conversing with some of the most highly regarded figures who exist within the entire entertainment industry.

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Corey Cambridge

Editor and Chief

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